Kṣemendra: Three Satires from Ancient Kashmir

A New English Translation by A.N.D. Haksar

“Corruption in government, hypocrisy in religion, avaricious greed in business: these are some of the targets of Kshemendra’s one-thousand-year-old satires. So are superstition and sexual obsession, anomalies in education and a host of other ills of the time. Written by a celebrated name in classical Sanskrit literature, these little known exposés of fourteenth-century society find resonance in the Indian subcontinent even today.”



Author: Mrinal Kaul

I am a Kashmirian Orientalist

4 thoughts on “Kṣemendra: Three Satires from Ancient Kashmir”

  1. I just came across it, and have ordered a copy, but have not read it yet. But from my previous experience of reading the “Courtesan’s Keeper” I would say he is not too bad, but his translations are not very precise and critical. So I do not know how reliable would I consider his translations for Sanskritists.

    1. Thank you very much for answering so soon. I hope you will update us after having read it. I am always looking for reliable translations to recommend to people with little or no command of Sanskrit.

  2. Thank you! Since this is one of the reading recommendations you made to me, I ordered it. It will help reading the sanskrit.

    Have a good day!

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