Kṣemendra: Three Satires from Ancient Kashmir

A New English Translation by A.N.D. Haksar

“Corruption in government, hypocrisy in religion, avaricious greed in business: these are some of the targets of Kshemendra’s one-thousand-year-old satires. So are superstition and sexual obsession, anomalies in education and a host of other ills of the time. Written by a celebrated name in classical Sanskrit literature, these little known exposés of fourteenth-century society find resonance in the Indian subcontinent even today.”



4 Comments on “Kṣemendra: Three Satires from Ancient Kashmir”

  1. Did you read the translation? Is it reliable?

  2. kashuradab says:

    I just came across it, and have ordered a copy, but have not read it yet. But from my previous experience of reading the “Courtesan’s Keeper” I would say he is not too bad, but his translations are not very precise and critical. So I do not know how reliable would I consider his translations for Sanskritists.

    • Thank you very much for answering so soon. I hope you will update us after having read it. I am always looking for reliable translations to recommend to people with little or no command of Sanskrit.

  3. Adrian says:

    Thank you! Since this is one of the reading recommendations you made to me, I ordered it. It will help reading the sanskrit.

    Have a good day!

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