Join Kashmir Studies Discussion Group

We welcome you all to the group titled “Kashmir Studies” that was launched to create a common platform for Eastern and Western, traditional and modern scholars, professors and graduate students for discussing and exchanging their academic study and research about any aspects of the Ancient and Medieval Kashmir. We also look forward debating on various academic perspectives about Ancient and Medieval Kashmir through it’s source materials in Sanskrit, Persian, Arabic and Kashmiri languages. The title of the group should not be confused with the Saiva studies alone, but we are aiming to look at a broader intellectual history of Kashmir from the time immemorial to our own times.
I will make it sure that no non-academic persons join this group who usually tend to waste time of academicians. Generally all the members should be affiliates of an academic institute or a research body or could be emeritus or retired professors. Exceptionally we can also have amongst us some independent research scholars of advanced academic caliber.
Please follow the links below to join the group. I am hoping that this platform will prove useful to all of us by having genuine discussions on Kashmirian Studies in general.  Please feel free to exchange your thoughts with us. Looking forward to read your comments, suggestions and questions.
Yours sincerely,
Mrinal Kaul


Author: Mrinal Kaul

I am a Kashmirian Orientalist

3 thoughts on “Join Kashmir Studies Discussion Group”

  1. Hi Mrinal,
    I am always a big fan of every team project, congratulations for this idea! What are your aims? Do you want to have a discussion group/a mailing list about Kashmir studies or something else? Do you only want active members or are also people who might be interested in reading updates about Kashmirian philosophy allowed to join? 🙂
    Last, I am inclined to think that one of the problems in joint enterprises is the tendency (common among scholars, I am afraid) to mistrust each other and to keep secret one’s discoveries, as long as they have not been published under one’s name. How do you intend to avoid this shortcoming?

  2. Hi Elisa,
    Thanks for your comments. You are most welcome to join the mailing list. I basically wanted to have a forum like “Indology” so that all like minded scholars of Kashmir studies can share one platform. I am aware of the problems, but I can’t help them. All I can do is to provide a platform, but whether one wants to share his or her research with other scholars solely depends on the scholar. It is a humble effort to bring the like minded people together, particularly students and teachers, both Eastern and Western. Best wishes. MK

  3. I have been working on collection of data on the ancient scholars of Kashmir during the three periods of Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims. The former two periods are covered and the last one is under formulation. The contents shall be shortly available on my website beside other vital information already recorded therein. My website address :

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